The first Stanley Bagshaw book was published in 1980; the last in 1995. Not surprisingly all the original hardbacks, and nearly all of the paperbacks, are now out of print - but you can still get hold of them through Amazon . And ... I'm really pleased to be able to tell you that they are now being republished by Barn Owl Books & distributed by Frances Lincoln

Stanley Bagshaw and the Fourteen foot wheel.

Stands in a class of it's own..
British Book News

Preposterous comic-strip stuff for the reluctant reader
The Observer

Satisfies both the child's aesthetic sense and taste for words as well as giving pleasure and delight-
The School Librarian


Hamish Hamilton 1981 (ISBN-0241106346) Puffin 1982 (ISBN-0140503889)
Mother Goose Award -Short-listed
Republished by BARN OWL BOOKS 2004
(ISBN 1-903015-40-5)


Stanley Bagshaw and the twenty two ton whale

It's a joyous lark.
The Times

Bang on target for the six to eight year olds.
British Book News

The pictures are wonderfully varied and have in the quality of the painting, a touch of Tin Tin.
Signal Review

It's difficult not to laugh out loud.
Mother Magazine


Hamish Hamilton 1983 (ISBN-0241108128) Puffin 1983 (ISBN-0140504389
Good Book Guide 1981 - selected
Republished by BARN OWL BOOKS 2006
(ISBN 1-903015-50-2)
Stanley Bagshaw and the Mafeking Square cheese robbery

Good, nostalgic, Northern fun....Genuine wit is the magic ingredient.
Times Ed Supplement

The text demands to be read aloud....should delight readers and listeners of seven to ten years.
British Book News

A winner for the over nines
Signal Selection


Hamish Hamilton 1985 (ISBN-0241112303)
Puffin 1987 (ISBN-0140505814)
FCBG Pick of the year - selected
Republished by BARN OWL BOOKS 2003
(ISBN 1-903015-31-6)

Stanley Bagshaw and the short-sighted football trainer

Stunning illustrations -
Observer Education

Quite brilliant! -
Books For Keeps

I can't imagine boys being able to resist it -
The School Librarian

It will bring the house down when read aloud. -
Children's Book News

We love this book. It's one of the true classic children's picture books. Thank goodness it is back in print - our local library's copy is worn out.
Amazon Customer Review


Hamish Hamilton 1986 (ISBN-0241117836)
Puffin 1988 (ISBN-0140506608)
Child Education - Book of the Month
Kurt Maschler Award - Short listed
Kate Greenaway medal - nominated

Reprinted by BARN OWL BOOKS 2003
(ISBN 1-903015-26-x)

Stanley Bagshaw and the rather dangerous miracle cure

Ideal for struggling new readers.
Woman's Realm

Written in wonderful rolling verse which reads aloud beautifully.
This book shows what a good vehicle strip cartoon can be
Children's Books of the Year


Hamish Hamilton.1988 (ISBN-0241124190) Penguin 1989 (ISBN-0140508686)
C.B.F Children's Book of the Year.
Stanley Bagshaw and the mad magic mix-up

Another splendid Stanley Bagshaw story.
In the final frames a radio broadcasts a critic's review of the book.:- "The use of idiomatic language, the pleasingly pedantic quatrains, full of lambent alliteration, coupled with deceptively naive illustrations..." I couldn't have put it better myself. Incredibly it's all true.

Raymond Briggs - Times Ed Supplement

Surpasses previous titles for inventiveness and wit.
The Sunday Times


Hamish Hamilton 1990 (ISBN-0241127475) Penguin 1992 (ISBN-0140542477)
Kurt Maschler Award - Short listed.
Stanley Bagshaw and the ice-cream ghost

Full of wonderful ribald humour - we all roared with laughter! An irresistible book with humour crammed into every page. Strongly recommended.
Children's Book Review

You'll be glued to every page so as not to miss a detail in the illustration or a snippet of wit in the text.
Books For Keeps


Hamish Hamilton 1992 (ISBN-0241127602) Penguin 1995 (ISBN-0140507574)
Kurt Maschler award - Short listed.
FCBG Selected 'Pick of the Year'
CBF - Children's Book of the Year
Junior Education - Best Books of the Year

Hamish Hamilton 1996
(ISBN-0241132312) Penguin 1997

Stanley Bagshaw nad the frantic film fiasco

Another hilarious adventure featuring the world's most unassuming hero.
Burnley Express

So do take a trip t'bookshop,
For Stan's newest volume - you ought.
For if comic-strip form is your fancy,
Here's one you'll be glad that you bought.

Books For Keeps


Penguin. Nov 1998 (ISBN-014038023x)
Stanley Bagshaw and the show-jumping mouse

Young readers will just love the illustrations.
Ulster Newsletter

It's full of action packed fun.
Yorkshire Post

Adults should get hold of this one before the kids do. It's very funny.
Herald Express