Dr Music's Special Mixture
A Musical Cabaret

First performed - Edinburgh festival Fringe 1976
Then touring : various small venues 1976-77

Music, lyrics, & performance


A Musical Play

First performed - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1976 Then touring : various small venues 1976-77

Script, music, & lyrics
(and a bit acting)


Oh mother, you'll never believe this
A One-man Play

First performed - Edinburgh Fringe 1977
Fringe First Award - Nominated.
Open Space Theatre, London 1983


A Play

First performed - Edinburgh Festival 1978

Script, & stage direction

One Off
A Science-fiction Play

Commissioned by Ed Berman/ Interaction Theatre
First performed - Almost Free Theatre, London. 1978
Starring Carmel McSharry
Then:-Edinburgh Festival.1979 Toronto. 1980; Los Angeles. 1981


Chicken on the road
45 minute drama.

BBC Radio 4. Afternoon Theatre
starring Kenneth More & Michael Kitchen. First broadcast 1979



Sweet Logic
45 minute comedy.

BBC Radio 4. Afternoon Theatre
starring Tim woodward. & featuring the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
First Broadcast 1981




And now the good news
13 half-hour Topical comedy shows.

In collaboration. with Richard Stilgoe
First broadcast 1978

Gags & sketches.


Pottery Patter
2 half-hour Light entertainment shows.

A TV version of ‘Dr Music’s Special Mixture’
ITV Midlands. 1979

Script, songs & performance.

Stanley Bagshaw
6 x 10 minute Cartoon Films (Rostrum animation)

YTV. First broadcast: ITV Network. 1984
Repeated : ITV 1989 & 1990, Channel 4. 1987
Golden Gate' award - Los Angeles Film Festival 84

Scripts, Artwork, Music & narration


Seeing & Doing
25 minute. Live action documentary
Thames TV. First broadcast 1986 . ITV Network
Repeated 1889 & 90

Shooting script, & TV presentation


Joshua Jones
12 x10 minute programmes. (puppet animation)

S4C/Bumper Films
First broadcast BBC 1. 1991/92/96
Repeated BBC 1992 & 96. Channel 4. 94 & 98

Treatment, story-lines & scripts

The Legend of Lochnagar
30 min cartoon film.

In creative collaboration with
HRH Prince of Wales.
S4C/Scottish TV : ITV Network 1993/4/6
ABC Network(USA) 1993. Disney video 1995

Treatment, story-lines, first script


It was the writing of songs in my teens that set me off on the road to becoming an author. One of these days I shall finish off the 'About Me' section of this web site and explain how and when this came about.
In the mean time . . .

Here are a couple I recently recorded

So glad you're here

The dreams of an average guy

And two from way back.

Weston Coyney Cowboys