"Ging Gang Goolie. It's an Alien' was the first book in the jets series and was used by the publishers to established the style and format on which the rest of the series was based. Over a quarter of a million copies have been sold. 'Bing -bang-boogie, It's a Boy Scout' - was the sequel - and the last book in the jets series.


When Alien space monsters set out to invade Earth they are prepared for a fight to the death.
What they are not prepared for is the 3rd Balsa wood Road Scout troop.
Will the Aliens succeed in their evil plan?
Will life on Earth cease to exist?
Will Gary Wimbush ever find his woggle?


Ging Gang Goolie. It's an Alien

The most hilarious book I have read for some time..
Child Education

A book singled out for praise by both
children and parents

The Scotsman

This book made me laugh out loud.
I think reluctant readers towards the top of middle school would enjoy it.
Be prepared for a laugh.

Books in Schools


A & C Black 1988 (ISBN-0713630000)
Harper Collins 1988 (ISBN-0006730043)
Collins audio-cassette (Narrated by Harry Enfield) 1992


Uncle Ugstein wasn't your average sort of caveman, but even so it was odd that he should have the idea for a vacuum-cleaner when........
at that precise moment six hundred and twenty thousand years in the future, young Doreen Pegg was building...


Stone the Crows, it's a Vacuum-cleaner.

One of the best yet in the Jets series, taking page-layout into entirely new realms of wit and ingenuity.
Young Waterstones - Summer Reading.

Captions, speech bubbles, cartoons and different typefaces and styles are an integral part of the story. Excellent.
Junior Education.


A & C Black 1992 (ISBN-0713636165)
Harper Collins 1993 (ISBN-0006743579)
Waterstones 'Book of the month'
The Oak tree award - Short listed.

What does Everard Slogg get up to when the moon is full?
Why was Miss Fitt seen cycling out of town with a bag on her head?
Why is it that your father sometimes forgets to have a shave?
Could it be that they all have...


Gosh look Teddy, it's a Werewolf

This paralysingly funny book displays it's own workings like the Lloyds building, with an explosively intrusive author.
If you liked Ging Gang Goolie... you'll love this
Times Educational Supplement


A & C Black.1996 (ISBN-0713630000)
Harper Collins.1996 (ISBN 0006751733)
The Oak tree award - Short listed

The year is 2052 and Dimbert Wimbush is living in a world of virtual reality.
But has Dimbert's virtual world prepared him for the reality of meeting a group of Alien Scouts having a campfire sing-song in Blackbank Woods?


Bing bang Boogie, It's a Boy Scout

This is the long-awaited follow up to Bob Wilson's classic 'Ging Gang Goolie...' - a huge best-seller, still going strong and deservedly so. Wilson's combination of wacky humour and mad cartoon- style illustration is terrific. Why not do yourself a favour - (because you'll love reading them too) and get both.
Books Magazine

This rollicking comedy with it's puns and word play teaches more about the evolution of language than any text book.
Jan Mark - Carousel


A & C Black. 1997 (ISBN-0713646527)
Harper Collins. 1998 ((ISBN-0006753132)