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Do take note of the dimensions. On screen the pictures appear to be more or less the same size. In truth some pictures are much bigger than others, and all are bigger than the artwork/pictures you'll see in the books.
All the artwork seen below is on cartridge paper, unframed and unmounted.
Preferred payment method is via PayPal - It's fast, hassle-free, and secure (and for you; the buyer, there are no fees to pay.) Just click on the 'Visa/buy now icon next to the chosen piece of artwork. If you wish to pay buy cheque or postal order email me and I'll tell you where to send it.


As soon as payment has cleared and you've let me know to whom you want the artwork dedicated it will be carefully packaged and despatched to you by 1st class registered post

NB: After scanning I adjusted the colours of the onscreen image to match those of the original. Variations in monitor displays means, however that there may still be a slight difference between the picture you see on your screen and the original artwork.

This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the 14ft Wheel"

Wheel.Pic.33 SOLD Wheel.Pic.18 Wheel.Pic.19 Wheel.Pic.9 SOLD

Wheel.Pic.27 SOLD Wheel.Pic.24 Wheel.Pic 48 Wheel.Pic 13+

Wheel Pic 20 Wheel Pic 07 Wheel Pic 25 Wheel Pic 06
This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the short-sighted football trainer"
Football.Pic 37 Football.Pic 38 SOLD Football.Pic 03 SOLD Football.Pic 39 SOLD

Football.Pic 51 Football.Pic 06 Football.Pic 41 SOLD  

Football.Pic 16 Football.Pic 59 SOLD Football.Pic 30  

Football Pic 58 SOLD Football Pic7 Football Pic 50 Football Pic 02

This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the "Mafeking Square cheese robbery"
Cheese.Pic 29 Cheese.Pic 43 SOLD Cheese.Pic 42A SOLD Cheese.Pic 36

Cheese.Pic 23 SOLD Cheese.Pic 02 SOLD Cheese.Pic 10 Cheese.Pic 62 SOLD

Cheese.Pic 37 Cheese.Pic 05 SOLD Cheese.Pic 14 Cheese.Pic 60 SOLD

Cheese pic 42 Cheese pic 24 Cheese pic 61 Cheese pic 54

This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the Twenty Two Ton Whale"
Whale pic 24 Whale pic 01 SOLD Whale pic 28

Whale pic 81 SOLD Whale pic 10 SOLD

Whale pic 04

Whale pic 68

Whale pic 22 Whale pic 71 Whale pic 80 SOLD

Whale pic 45 Whale pic 27 Whale pic 18 Whale pic 76

This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the Frantic Film Fiasco"
Film pic 08 Film pic 03 Film pic 04 Film pic 06 SOLD

Film pic 02 SOLD Film pic 09 Film pic 14

Film pic 61 SOLD Film pic 11 Film pic 19 Film pic 17 SOLD

Film pic 21 Film pic 22 Film pic 24

Film pic 57 Film pic 13 Film pic 59 Film pic 23

This artwork is from "Stanley Bagshaw and the Rather Dangerous Miracle Cure.
Miracle pic 04 SOLD Miracle pic 29 Miracle pic 19  

Miracle pic 02 SOLD Miracle pic 45 SOLD Miracle pic 18  

Miracle pic 09 Miracle pic 38 Miracle pic 50

Miracle pic 51 Miracle pic 58 Miracle pic 43

Miracle pic 10 Miracle pic 31 Miracle pic 47