Welcome to planetbob
My name is Bob Wilson
I'm the author and illustrator who created the character of Stanley Bagshaw,
who wrote 'Ging Gang Goolie, It's an Alien' - the book which started the Jets Series,
who warned the world about 'Dangerous Daisy,' and the other kids at 'Pump Street Primary',
who wrote the scripts for the TV series 'Joshua Jones, and worked with HRH the Prince of Wales to create the animated fim 'The Legend of Lochnagar


A complete list of all the books I've written and/or illustrated.
Titles, covers, publishers, reviews - how and where to get hold of them
Details of some of the other things I've done or been involved with
Stage & Radio plays, Songs & TV shows. - a gallery of my Paintings
All you need to know about my talks, author visits, and writing workshops.
Where I go, what I do & how to make a booking

A bit of a life story
Just those bits that have got into my stories or affected the way I work.

A picture of the way I work
Scripts, drafts, roughs, plans - and a glimpse behind the scenes of an animation studio
Lots of stuff you can download and print
Posters & publicity material - and fun things for kids to do.
The chance to buy something special
The Stanley Bagshaw DVD or a piece of the original artwork.

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I 've regained the publishing rights to ALL my Stanley Bagshaw books
(Plus all 8 Pump Street Primary books & my 4 books in the Jets series.)
This has allowed me to put them into digital format so that
they can be downloaded from the iTunes store.
I wasn't sure at first how well our old-fashioned Stanley would fit into the
high tech format but now most of them are done and available to download
and I'm really pleased with the way they've turned out.

Have a look for yourself
For a link to the iTunes previews
(and links to other interesting stuff too)
click here.


All drawn and written material 0n this website- ( ie not photographic ) is copyright Bob Wilson but may be copied and distributed freely as long as it is credited as such and no charge is made for the contents.

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